Sunday, 20 March 2011

Little Fockers

An Amusing Third Instalment, 8 January 2011

Author: gary-444 from United Kingdom

I thoroughly enjoyed the first two Fokker films and took in this third offering purely on that basis, despite some critical reviews. I was not disappointed. Yes it does now assume the characteristics of the old " Carry On" or "Confessions of...." series, stock well established characters, in jokes, running gags and predictable humour. But it entertains, and that is no crime.

Dustin Hoffman and Barbera Streisand are sparingly used this time, whilst Owen Wilson pretty much steals each scene he is in. The plot is pretty thin and is really a thinly disguised attempt to squeeze the best out of the jokes from the previous two films. But it is light, frothy, and does not outstay its welcome. Jessica Alba is sassy and sexy as Andi Garcia and adds a slight, but welcome, new dynamic to the Fokker Family dynamic.

Inevitably Ben Stiller, as Gaylord Fokker, is getting past the new Dad, lowly nurse stage, and the plot tries to move things along a little, whilst at the end there is a shameless platform established for the next instalment. Will there be another? Should there be another? On the one hand the existing gag opportunities seem to have been well – plumbed now. But on the other the characters are great and everyone still seems to be enjoying themselves. With the help of an inspired script writer to create fresh adventures and challenges – why not?


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